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Discovery Channel: Urban Explorers TV Show

Discovery Channel's "Urban Explorers" TV Show
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In 2004-2005, I was an urban historian and on-camera host for a Discovery Channel show titled Urban Explorers. Originally intended to be a full 13-episode season, the show went through several mutations as Discovery changed its lineup and re-organized its focus.

We ended up doing just five episodes of the show (Milwaukee, Chicago, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Denver) over the course of about six months. We had a really great time filming, but unfortunately even after the five shows were complete Discovery still wasn't sure if it fit into their new lineup and their new style. (They were having their biggest success with shows about cars and motorcycles, and our history-oriented show was quite different.) Because of this, the show was aired in relatively poor time slots, and although it's been aired around the world multiple times since then, it's never been advertised by the network and they have no intention of pursuing it. Oh well... It was still a lot of fun to do. And every so often I get a note from someone who's just seen the show for the first time and tells me they really like it. (To everyone who has liked the show and taken the time to look it up on the net and drop me a line-- thank you!)

Existing episodes:

Some airdates:
June 27-July 1, 2005 (USA)
April 2006 (USA)
August 2006 (Canada)
March 2007 (Canada)

Unfortunately, I don't know where it's possible to get a copy of the show, and I don't know any future airdates. It might be possible to download a torrent of the show from this link, or if this link doesn't work maybe it can be found somewhere else: http://torrentz.ws/search/Urban-Explorers:rel_2