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Catasterist.com, review of AIA slideshow

A nice review of my 1/27/09 slideshow for the AIA-NY at the Center for Architecture. Thanks Kirsten!

Slideshow at the Center for Architecture, January 27 2009

Thanks to all who came to my January 27th slideshow/lecture at the Center for Architecture, Building Over the Past: The Hidden Layers of the City.

The 100+ seats in the venue were completely filled, and I was flattered to see that some people were willing to stand through it as well. My deepest thanks to John Steigerwald for organizing the event; to Jesse Lazar and the Center for Architecture for hosting it; and to the AIA and all architects who came.

This was the first time I'd had the chance to present any of my photos from sewers and underground rivers in London, Rome, NYC, Newark, Buffalo, Hartford, and various cities in Northern England. I was very happy to have the chance to show these, although the slideshow went longer than I wanted, and I think that for future presentations this year I'll have to divide it into two talks: one focusing on urban waterways and the development of sewers and bridges, and the other on general urban underground layers.

I love sharing my work with an audience, and if you or your organization are interested in discussing the possibility of me doing a slideshow presentation in the upcoming year, please contact me.

New York Moon: Water of Manhattan

The New York Moon's January 2009 edition involved the myth and reality of waterways in Manhattan's past. Their interactive map includes a couple of my photos to illustrate sites.