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Some of my photos are being shown on the excellent photography site Urbanautica.com.
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  1. Steve, Regarding your query about dates for the Hudson River Railroad line, have you tried the librarian at the Jervis Library in Rome, N.Y.?
    As a student of the history of the Old Croton Aqueduct I have made one trip upstate to the library for research. Jervis' personal collection of papers resides at the library in his home town. I am told by other members of Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct that Jervis was instrumental in surveying the Hudson River route for the RR (in addition to being the Chief Engineer for the Old Croton Aq.). The date 1849 sticks in my mind for some reason but I can't remember where I heard that date. It is possible some of his personal correspondence or survey records on the Hudson RR project survive at the Jervis Library, and maybe more definitive information for your purposes. He was a contributor to other RR projects too, as well as being the inventor of the swiveling bogey wheels used on the front end of early locomotive engines. I just conducted a surface tour today (Oct.11) of the route of the Old Croton Aqueduct in Manhattan as part of the OpenHouseNY event. I will pass on your website address to the intrepid walkers who made it up to Highbridge with me. With their interest in local history they will be naturals for your site. Regards, Tom Tarnowsky